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Check out this house by Thomas Phifer and Partners located in New York. I love the whiteness in contrast with the surrounding perfectly manucured lawns. The pavilion, with a almost transparent, light-filtering canopy is perfect. The owners, a former museum director and his wife, live happily in this 4,600 SF home which showcases artwork that has been collected over the years.  It’s simply stunning!

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I spotted this beauty of a house over on my friend Jacquelyn’s blog, Lark + Linen. Courteney Cox’s Malibu mansion. Isn’t it gorgeous? My favourite colour palette – greys and whites paired with reclaimed woods, concrete and you must check out that glass enclosed fire pit. A frameless beauty. Wow!

For more information and images, check out Architect Kovac and Interior Designer Trip Haenisch & Associates.

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y obsession with stairs! See more here, and here. No but seriously. Walking on a cool stair, just makes you feel down-right cool. Just sayin’. From art nouveau, to rustic and modern, any of these beauts will be enough to perhaps do a little dance like Fred Astaire as I walk down. Enjoy!

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Two words: hubba hubba! While the actual furniture isn’t exactly what I’d be leaning towards (perhaps more of a Montauk Sofa type of dilio, but it’s not far off), can we please take a look at this house’s bones? First off, this place is HUGE! Look at the height of those ceilings! What what gets me immediately are the two-storey windows, reclaimed wood beams, white panelling, stone, marble, and oversized everything! Ah, what a dream. Bon weekend, les amis!

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Who wants to go on a little vacay to Malta? Here you’ll find this beautiful boutique hotel called Lucia Nova, located in Valletta. This building is…wait for it…over 25o years old! And it may only have two suites to stay in, but deal. It’s amazing.

It was originally a residential building with 3 levels and a roof terrace. The rooms are connected by a large spiral stone staircase (which looks like something out of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but less creepy). The deteriorating structure has been left as it is, showing the patina of age, and it has been mixed with funky rococo-esque furniture and accessories (please note the monkey with the wicked eye piece on the throw pillow – wicked) and modern fixtures. It’s magical. Too book, visit Valletta Suites.

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John Maniscalco Architects have designed this residence in San Fransisco, California. This brand new four-storey home, I could move into instantly. It features a beautiful two-storey glass-wall entry wall, to an open living area and kitchen. Did you check out those stools? To. Die. For! Moving on…there is a sexy staircase, beautiful bedrooms, an office, and an awesome roof patio with great views. It’s clean, simple and…well…perfect.

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Ok, not quite…although I am totally excited that we’re now into spring. The weather, however, is not doing as it should. (grumble, grumble).

This house, is awesome, and it makes me want to gather up all my friends and throw the craziest week-long party here. No? It’s designed by Nico Van Der Meulen. In my opinion, it’s a tad unfortunate that this house is located in South Africa…you know…but I love the design. It reminds me of a house that should be in some sort of fancy pants movie. Some things I’d change…a tad too much beiges and taupes for my liking, but the rest, awesome.

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I love tin ceilings. They date all the way back from the late 1800s, bringing sophistication into interior spaces and I find it still true to this day. The best kind is when they’re all shiny and new or when they have an amazing patina on them from aging so well. This architectural element has definitely stood the test of time.

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I love this next space by Aidlin Darling Design. It’s so simple. All except for the giant undulating ceiling structure that totally makes it. A beautiful combination of zinc and oak give the space a warm hue. And it’s sort of creepy in a Donnie Darko kind of way, which makes it all the more interesting to me.

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And we’re back after a week away from blogging to deal with a rather stressful week and an extra relaxation day yesterday for Family Day. Yup, Canada likes to have these random holidays sprinkled throughout the year to make my life happier, and I aint complainin’!

There are a few church-home conversions you can find online. I’ll just put it out there right now, churches may or may not give me the heebeegeebies. Yes, even famous ones like Notre-Dame in Paris or St. Peters in the Vatican. And the idea of living in even a small church is something that would be a little unnerving to me.

I saw this conversion over on Desire to Inspire, and I thought…hmm. Maybe I could do this one! I like this space because it keeps the lovely gothic style windows while adding a modern expansion with lovely finishes and furniture pieces to really give it a more homey feel. In fact, you can barely tell you’re in a church for the most part. Phew!


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