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I love this classic swivel stool made of stainless steel and with the very necessary foot rest ring. It’s perfect for any setting, contemporary, industrial, cottage, what-have-you, this sure to fit right in.

Swivel Stool, $275
Diameter: 14″ H: 20 – 27″

I saw this simple lamp while perusing the internet. It’s cute, somewhat geometrical, and comes in so many fun colours. A fun accessory for any room!

Shades of Light
Geometric Ceramic Table Lamp, $159
Size: 22.5″ Hx16″ W
Colours Available: Orange, Pink, Gray, White, Oxblood, Apple Green, or Turquoise

So I just finished the Steig Larsson trilogy (which was great), but when I finish reading anything, I have a slight moment of oh-my-gosh-what-am-I-going-to-read-next. Yes. I’m a nerd in that sense. In all fairness, it’s what I do on my subway ride to and from work so that I don’t stare at other people’s cute outfits. Bad habit.

My friend told me about this website called Designer & Books. What is this you say? Well, it featuers 52 designers, from Billie Tsien to Daniel Libeskind, who post the books that they are currently reading or have read. Or, you can pick from 710 and 10 books, click on a book and see which designer has read it. It’s a great. And I think this is how I’ll pick my next read.

Posting my weekly pick a day early as I am off to Mt. Tremblant in Quebec for some good old snowboarding. The one activity that makes winter, ok. Right? Right.

I am loving this two person desk. It is perfect for narrow den areas that are so common in condos these days. In another situation, I had a client that wanted an office/guest room combo with a pullout couch for her guests. This was perfect for her and her roommate. Throw in a drawer unit in the centre for a more defined and separated working area and voila.

Besta Burs Desk, $299.00.
Size: 16-1/8″ W x 3-1/2″ H x 72″ L
Available colors: Black, Grey, Red, White (all high gloss)

I’m finding this coffee table so lovely! Made out of bent steel, it has a cutout throughout the centre of the table to give it a delicate and airy feel. Would work so well in all those bright white spaces I’ve been seeing lately!

Arktura (via Bobby Berk Home)

Hive Coffee Table, $1,795
Dimensions: 50″L x20″W x15″H
Available Colours: White, Blue, Grey, Orange, Red, Black

Continuing on yesterday‘s post about picking the right headboard, it can be hard enough to choose one for yourself. But throw in a male counterpart or a bachelor whose bedroom you’re designing, it can be even more challenging. Face it, some headboards just ooze femininity, but it’s all in picking the right one, and filling the rest of the room with the appropriate objects. What I would look for, in this case, is something sleek, with not a lot of details or fancy business, something with straight lines, and oh what the heck, nailhead detailing.

West Elm
Nailhead Upholstered Headboard, $349-$599
Colours – Jute: Platinum, Natural

I hate tissue boxes. They’re so ugly. Why can’t  they just be in nice solid colours or inoffensive stripes and geometric patters? Instead you get the tackiest boxes, covered in atrocious colours with cartoons or cities or weird amoebas with eyes smiling at you. This will not work in a beautifully decorated space. They stick out like sore thumbs. Do you ever see them in catalogue pictures? Nay. At the One of a Kind Show this year (or I suppose last year at this point), I stumbled upon Pi’lo (which I blogged about here) and her cute home accessories. She has these lovely linen tissue box covers that will save the day. Hooray.

Pi’Lo (via Etsy)
Linen Tissue Cover, $20
Square or Rectangle

I dropped in Design Republic over the weekend (see here for more details), and sat in this sofa. Super comfortable, lovely lines, and in a nice, dark granite fabric. Yup, I’m sold.

Design Republic
Duke Sofa, $1588
Dimensions: 79″x31″x28″

If you’re unfamiliar with Georg Jensen, I suggest you get to know him, as he is one of my favourite metalworkers.

Jensen was a Danish silversmith famous for his art nouveau creations, many of which are still around us today all over the world from jewellery to silverware and beautiful household objects. Although he died in 1935, his strong ideals in craftsmanship and design have led his brand name well into the 21st century. I find Georg Jensen creations to be perfect for gifts as they have such simple and classic shapes, beautiful finishes, and they won’t dig too deep into your wallets!

Bergo (One of my favourite shops to visit in the Distillery District in Toronto) 
Bloom Bowl in matte stainless steel, $100/each

My weekly pick today will have several items, as this post is dedicated for those of you going back to school and living it up, dorm style. I’ve never lived in a dorm because I lived so close to university in the first place. But I did visit the dorms a lot, and I must say…yikes. Today I thought I’d put out some tips to spruce up your living quarters, while living on a budget.  

First of all, it is always important to make sure you know of the rules for the do’s and dont’s of your dorm room. Here are some questions one can ask: Can I paint my room? Can I hang some pictures? Put up my own curtains? etc. Even though dorms are equipped with a standard bed and a desk, there is no reason you can’t make it your own. Here we go.

1. If you can, paint! Starting from around $30, paint is one the easiest and cheapest way to change the look of your room. Remember, most dorm rooms are small, so don’t paint it too dark of a colour or else you’ll make the room smaller. Remember, you will probably have to paint it back to its original colour when you leave at the end of the year. Click here to view my previous post on making spaces look bigger!

2. Duvet and accent pillows. Make your home away from home as comfortable as possible. If the walls are white, my advice would be to have a solid colour duvet, and cover your bed with fun and colourful accent pillows to bring colour in. Pillows start at $30.

3. Throw in an area rug. Just to give some extra softness under your feet.
Good size carpets start at $24.99 from Ikea.

4.Lamps! Don’t rely on the overhead light at night time. because sometimes they’re just not powerful enough. Here’s a good table lamp that you can’t go wrong with.
This Tral lamp is cute, flexible, and at a good price of $29.99, from Ikea.

5. Storage boxes. So that your papers arent covering every inch of your desk.
Available in all colours and sizes, starting at $4.99 at Ikea.

6. Tack boards. To save on a few dollars, make one yourself by covering an old tackboard with a bright and cheerful new fabric. I always like it too, to have a nice ribbon grid over it to stick pictures into.

7. If you can’t change the not-so-attractive blinds, add another layer of fun curtains right in front. Sheers are pretty and inexpensive, and would be perfect for the job. Or, if there is too much light coming in, get darker or black-out blinds. (If option b is chosen, get an alarm clock. So you don’t miss class. It is very tempting.)
My kind of curtain starts at $29.99 from Ikea.
8. Lastly…wall decor! Whether it’s art work, posters or collages of your friends, put up some wall art to make you feel more at home. Have a good year!


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