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I never thought much of macrame until I fell upon these pictures – this knotting style has been popping up right and left. I love the headboard! It gives a sort of bohemian/vintage look that’s so sweet. The plant hangers and lighting are also lovely. Is this trending? Because I’d be ok with that!

Check out this new restaurant called Searsucker in San Diego, California. It is located in the historic gaslamp district and the design doesn’t stray far from the vernacular of the area with vintage and reclaimed furniture pieces to give it a shabby chic look.

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Vintage textiles make their return once again. I have been seeing grain sack pillows everywhere recently. Not the softest, but definitely a great accent pillow. Thoughts?

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I think you know where I’m going with this one. This headboard is absolutely fantastic. And totally do-able. It makes for an elegant look and it’s definitely a statement piece, large or small. You can have any colour lace over any colour background fabric. If you don’t want to go out and buy the fabric, you can re-use an old lace tablecloth, assuming that you’ve gotten all the red wine spills out of it, and throw it onto a headboard for a vintage feel. Pull it taught over the fabric underneath, new or old, and staple. Et voila!

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Saturday night, I attended a private party at Smash in the Junction at 2880 Dundas St. West in Toronto. I had no idea what I was in for walking into this huge space filled with fantastic antique and salvaged furniture, pictures and paintings, iron gates, old doors, fireplaces and so many other random pieces. They specialize in industrial and architectural salvage and contemporary art and design. My imagination was going crazy with all the things I could use these great items for that I just had to stop and take in some deep breaths. Anyway, I strongly encourage you venture over there and see all of their amazing finds and follow them on their blog for all things vintage and contemporary and things they sell in their store! Enjoy!

“The Ironrite Health Chair, by Herman H. Sperlich in 1938 for the Ironrite Ironer Co. in Detroit, Michigan, is made of steel and lacquered plywood and was specifically made for female workers using the company’s mangle ironing machines. The chair is in the permanent collection at MoMA, and although it is no longer in production. – 2 available at SMASH.”


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