Finally, Part III of M&E. Just in time for the weekend.  Take a look at a lovely dining scene out in the country.

Now, I have to ask. Which one is your favourite?

“The Soirée”
(White and Glass)

(Click on HD for better viewing quality)

Crew: Alexandra Campbell, Sherren Lee, Adam Q. Tupper, Jocelyn Reynolds, Jane Lee, Sai Krishna Satyanarayana Set Dressers:Pascal Lefrancois-Deignan, Pierre Marguet, Cast: Alexandra Campbell, Sherren Lee, Jane Lee, Pascal Lefrancois-Deignan, Pierre Marguet, Louis Martin, Erin Pope, Jocelyn Reynolds.

Oh, next week I’ll be adding a few extra pictures and going through each scene’s inspiration and how it all came together. Bon weekend les amis! xo