When I saw this post over at Yazer, I thought, well I’ll be damned.

I’ve always loved concrete. There is something about it that is so sexy about it. Whenever my parents would drive by silos, I was obsessed, and I honestly would think…man, how freaking cool would it be to live in one of those! I mean, I never did quite figure out the logistics behind it all, but still. And lo and behold, I see this post on Yatzer of Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill, and think. He’s beat me to it!!

Ok, fair enough, the day that I’d have enough resources to do that too would be when probably when I’m old and grey, but still. This place is fantastic. Bofill has transformed an entire cement factory into offices, a place for his archives, a model laboratory, an exhibition space, his own apartment which include guest rooms and all surrounded by beautiful gardens. Sigh. It is so beautiful, I can’t even contain myself. And the jealous factor? I’m way above 10 out of 10.