And we’re back after a week away from blogging to deal with a rather stressful week and an extra relaxation day yesterday for Family Day. Yup, Canada likes to have these random holidays sprinkled throughout the year to make my life happier, and I aint complainin’!

There are a few church-home conversions you can find online. I’ll just put it out there right now, churches may or may not give me the heebeegeebies. Yes, even famous ones like Notre-Dame in Paris or St. Peters in the Vatican. And the idea of living in even a small church is something that would be a little unnerving to me.

I saw this conversion over on Desire to Inspire, and I thought…hmm. Maybe I could do this one! I like this space because it keeps the lovely gothic style windows while adding a modern expansion with lovely finishes and furniture pieces to really give it a more homey feel. In fact, you can barely tell you’re in a church for the most part. Phew!