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Soren Rose Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, renovated a 1770’s space into a stylish home with bold accents of colour and contemporary furniture to offset the beautiful and original architecture. Check out his site for more amazing projects.

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I’m loving this house by Muir Mendes, located in Melbourne, Australia. The architects designed their house for themselves, with an amazing steel-plated facade. There are so many details that I’m oogling at. The front window that opens at the top letting in natural light, the double-height corridor that spans the whole house to allow more light to filter throug, check out that ceiling line (amazing!) and I can’t get enough of those stairs…a simple profile with steel covering each tread and riser, and that perfect reveal. Simply fantastic! Enjoy!

Meus Deus! Can we please look at this beautiful country home in Palmela, Portugal? See, this is why I need to  move to a hot climate country so I can live fabulously like this forever and ever. Monica Penaguiao designed her residence, near to Lisbon, in a simple and rustic style adding mix of  classic furniture and beautiful colourful textiles to brighten up the space. I wouldn’t mind living here one bit!

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Check out this house by Thomas Phifer and Partners located in New York. I love the whiteness in contrast with the surrounding perfectly manucured lawns. The pavilion, with a almost transparent, light-filtering canopy is perfect. The owners, a former museum director and his wife, live happily in this 4,600 SF home which showcases artwork that has been collected over the years.  It’s simply stunning!

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I spotted this beauty of a house over on my friend Jacquelyn’s blog, Lark + Linen. Courteney Cox’s Malibu mansion. Isn’t it gorgeous? My favourite colour palette – greys and whites paired with reclaimed woods, concrete and you must check out that glass enclosed fire pit. A frameless beauty. Wow!

For more information and images, check out Architect Kovac and Interior Designer Trip Haenisch & Associates.

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y obsession with stairs! See more here, and here. No but seriously. Walking on a cool stair, just makes you feel down-right cool. Just sayin’. From art nouveau, to rustic and modern, any of these beauts will be enough to perhaps do a little dance like Fred Astaire as I walk down. Enjoy!

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Two words: hubba hubba! While the actual furniture isn’t exactly what I’d be leaning towards (perhaps more of a Montauk Sofa type of dilio, but it’s not far off), can we please take a look at this house’s bones? First off, this place is HUGE! Look at the height of those ceilings! What what gets me immediately are the two-storey windows, reclaimed wood beams, white panelling, stone, marble, and oversized everything! Ah, what a dream. Bon weekend, les amis!

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