I found these three images, which obviously have something in common. ‘Curvy ribs’. But the question I’m asking today is, who did it better?

The first image is from Cave Restaurant located in Sydney, Australia. Koichi Takada Architects have used these curved panels to help with acoustics in the space and creating a very warm and cosy place with the visually interesting timber.

Next up is Banq restaurant in Boston, by Office dA. This space clad in a wood-slatted system cleverly hides all of the mechanical, plumbing, and lighting systems on the longitudinal axis, while offering a virtual canopy under which to dine.

Finally, we have the retail store, Boutique Runway, by CLS Architetti. This time all painted white, the architects go for an uber modern feel with their ribs to emulate a cold cave-like feel, and also helps guide the customers through the space.

Personally, Banq is my number 1. What’s yours?

Cave images via Contemporist, Banq images via Yatzer, Boutique Runway via Dezeen.