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Scott, Rich and Victoria, from London and Aukland, have designed this great line of furniture made from oak and metal. I love the sleakness to this design. The folded metal is nicely joined to the oak (note the detail image), and it can actually be interchangeable to colours and different leg profiles and colours. Cool, eh?!

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I’m loving this Pressed Chair, designed by London designer, Harry Thaler. A simple chair made from a sheet of 2.5mm aluminum. Between the sheets, he has added structural elements to give it stability in chair form. It’s super light, super strong, and super cool.  Also, the chair in its flat format makes me extremely happy. Enjoy!

Image via Dezeen

Here are some cute paired seating areas to start off the week. I love single chairs paired together. In university, we had a what I always refer to as “you’re in my bubble!” class. Ah yes, that personal space. Studies showed (nothing new here) that strangers won’t sit on the same couch, unless there is enough space between both of them so that they’re not uncomfortable. They usually gravitate to the single chairs because it feels more ‘private’. That’s why single chairs are always a good option in your home. Especially if you’re notorious for parties and inviting all your friends over that may not know each other. Ok, enough lessons for today. Enjoy!

Images via Create Girl, Lonny Magazine, Desire To Inspire, Greige, Canadian House and Home


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