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Ah to have a desk set-up right by a window. To assist with procrastination by looking at the weather or seeing what those neighbours are up to? Either one works for me. And the natural light is a definite bonus. Enjoy!

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Ossington Ave., here in Toronto has boomed with excitement over the past two years, at least. New great restaurants, bars and shops. And the Ministry of the Interior. A very cool furniture, accessories, lighting store and part-time gallery for artists and designers. Although I’ve only been there a few times, I’m always left excited and inspired. Oh the possibilities! So, I just had to share. 

My weekly pick? An absolutely gorgeous, super simple and slender desk. One word. Gimme!

Ministry of the Interior
426M Parallel Desk, $3570 in oak and $3775 in walnut
Dimensions: 64 7/8″w x 19 2/3″d x 29 1/2″h

I’ve always loved this style. Super modern and simple. This desk is perfect for any office. I know, you’re all probably thinking “what about storage”? If you’re like me, and like to keep your table top as neat as possible, think of a mobile pedestal that can easily fit underneath or be moved around as you need, or some shelving with magazine butlers or storage boxes.

Visitor Parking
Metro Desk – $1,140.00
Size: 48 x 28 x 30″


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