I have been so incredibly busy, you may have noticed the lack of posts…yeah…its been awkward, I can feel it too. Well its all been due to new jobs! I’ve started at a new company, and so far, it’s wonderful! I’ve also decided to do set design for my friend Sherren over at Sunday Afternoon Productions, who I also worked with on M&E. THAT, takes up a whole bunch of time. So for the next little while, I’ll only be popping up once in a while, with those posts I just can’t resist but to share.

Like this one! Clancy’s Fish Bar City Beach, located in Perth, Australia and designed by Paul Burnham. It has been…I dont want to jinx anything…warming up here, and stores are already displaying their most colourful of colourful outfits, and this bar is not holding back! I’m loving the colourful chairs and fabric chandeliers on a charcoal backdrop.

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