I’m working on a design project. I’ll tell you all more about it very soon! I got a photographer on it to take pictures, and I’ve been really thinking about interior photography and it’s role in ‘selling’ a space.

I know a few real estate agents, and I get to see homes and condos online. Some pictures are truly awful. As a designer, I admit that I am a little snobby in the sense that when I look at a picture and a space isn’t well decorated, it turns me off. Even though, it could be much more attractive in person. This is why good photography can help convey a space’s real feel.

A picture should really capture the essence of a space. Whether it’s of the whole room, or little vignettes that make the whole. I’m all about the artistic shots with interesting angles, lighting and framing, but of course, this is a personal preference.

I have taken a liking to these next photographers that I’ve spotted on various design blogs, that show exactly how good pictures can take a space onto a whole other level.

Bobo Olsson

Rachel Whiting

Sarah Dorio