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I’m surprisingly loving this graphically stunning tableware by CTRLZAK art an design studio for Italian brand Seletti. The inspiration here is the bridging of traditional chinese porcelain and European design aesthetic. Why not? It works! It’s sweet, hip, and with it.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the show Capacity which is still going on this weekend (until the 6th), here in Toronto. One of the artists whose work is being displayed is Erin McCutcheon, a curator for the show as well. Recently, Emma from The Marion House Book featured these incredible porcelain vessels, which were in fact done by Erin, also her sister-in-law. I fell in love. They’re raw yet delicate and perfect in groups like in the image below. Erin doesn’t have an online shop, so I emailed her to get information on these vessels. Very sweet she is, these vessels aren’t at Capacity as she has new work on display, but she said that they are available directly through her. Here is the info.

Erin McCutcheon
Porcelain Vessels
Sizes available: Small $25, Large $35

 Image via The Marion House Book


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