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Growing up in a Victorian home, my bedroom was actually the house’s library. Three walls surrounded with lovely built-in shelving filled to the top with books. Unfortunately, this is perhaps why I now find regular freestanding bookshelves a complete bore. Although it is very rare to see rooms acting as libraries in houses these days, here are some great images of alternatives to your standard bookshelves I thought I’d share!

Images Via 1,2-Simply Seductive, Unknown, House of TurquoiseApartment Therapy

The idea is: the brighter the space, the bigger the feel. When painting a small room, using light, cool colours can really open up a space. It doesn’t have to be white, or a boring beige, but we try to aim for bright. Not cavernous. A few paint companies have, on their websites, a great tool to help you visualize paint colours in different spaces. You can select a picture from their library or upload your own image and drop paints from various paint collections onto walls you’ve selected to help get an idea of what your room will look like! I’ve added a couple of pictures as an example which I did quickly from the Benjamin Moore “Personal Colour Viewer” library.



Images via Benjamin Moore‘s Personal Colour Viewer


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