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Today’s covet are these large tilting bowls designed by Staffan Holm, a Swedish multi-faceted designer. These will be featured at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm in February.

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I love this desk. No words. Blah blah. It’s just gorgeous, I’ll try my best to formulate a description.

Designed by Note Design Studio in Stockholm, this architect’s desk is perfect. A pine veneer covers the entire desk in a stunning, perfectly scaled herringbone pattern, and charred black on the outside. Throw in some beautiful brass hardware, and also plays as a built-in discreet ruler (loveee it), hidden magnets and a place for trace paper is just so darn cool! And to make it even better, there are USB ports and power outlets incorporated! (I get excited about these things..specially cause if my Blackberry dies, I’m in a state of panic) Anyway, this desk…perfection.

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